Trippy Testimony


Donald Trump has either lived a life dreaming of being a third-rate mobster or he actually is a third-rate mobster. But, you can’t be a mobster without goons, and guess what. Trump has goons. Enter Rudy Giuliani (among others).

When the Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally issues his report, obstruction of justice will surely be one of the many charges against Donald Trump.

Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, then told Russians and Lester Holt that he did it to end the Russia investigation. Instead, it got him a Special Counsel investigation. Yes, Donald Trump is really that stupid. When you commit a crime, don’t go on national television and brag about it…or tweet it.

Trump has been sending tweets that are attempting to obstruct justice. Part of his obstruction will be witness tampering.

Reportedly, Trump’s team, or Trump himself, was in contact with Paul Manafort’s people after Manafort struck a deal with Mueller’s team. According to Buzzfeed, Trump ordered his former lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project. While Mueller’s office issued a statement saying the Buzzfeed story was inaccurate, they didn’t specify which part wasn’t correct.

Donald Trump has also engaged in intimidating a witness. Cohen has struck a plea agreement with Mueller and had volunteered to testify before Congress, again. This time, before a Democrat-controlled committee and not one run by Republican sycophants.

Using mobster language, Trump called Cohen a “rat” for cooperating with law enforcement. Trump praised Roger Stone (another goon) for not cooperating. Think about it. This is a president of the United States attacking people for cooperating with the law and praising others for fighting law enforcement.

After the Buzzfeed story broke, Trump started threatening Cohen by bringing up his father-in-law. Trump tweeted, “Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!” Trump has also claimed Cohen’s wife is involved in crime. Trump might have a point as the daddy-in-law; Fima Shusterman once owned three apartments in Trump Tower, which is a real popular investment for money launderers.

Trump called sycophant Jeanine Pirro on Trump TV (Fox News) and said, “In order to get his sentence reduced, he says, ‘I have an idea. I’ll tell — I’ll give you some information on the president.’ Well, there is no information.”

Trump continued ranting like a lunatic who had just snorted five pounds of Adderall at a bus station, “But he should give information maybe on his father-in-law, because that’s the one that people want to look at. Because where does that money — that’s the money in the family. And I guess he didn’t want to talk about his father-in-law. He’s trying to get his sentence reduced. So it’s pretty sad. You know, it’s weak. And it’s very sad to watch a thing like that. I couldn’t care less.”

Obviously, Trump couldn’t care less.

Giuliani went on CNN and said that Cohen’s father-in-law “may have ties to something called organized crime,” without mentioning any details. It’s getting harder and harder to believe the former mayor of New York City was once a respected federal prosecutor.

On Wednesday, Cohen announced he was withdrawing his commitment to appear because, his lawyer said, of “threats against his family” from Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Three House committee chairs, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff, and Jerrold Nadler released a joint statement saying, “Our nation’s laws prohibit efforts to discourage, intimidate, or otherwise pressure a witness not to provide testimony to Congress. The President should make no statement or take any action to obstruct Congress’ independent oversight and investigative efforts, including by seeking to discourage any witness from testifying in response to a duly authorized request from Congress.”

At the White House, Trump said, “He’s only been threatened by the truth,” which sounds more like projecting.

What Trump doesn’t sound like is an innocent person.

Now, the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena for Cohen to testify next month. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer a Putin-inspired accident along the way.

Just as I was finishing up this blog, breaking news was reported that Trump goon Roger Stone has been arrested and indicted on charges including obstruction, false statements, and witness tampering. This is one I have been expecting, along with a few of Trump’s kids. Let’s hope he has company in the very near future.

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  1. You know, if this presidency were a TV show (like ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘House of Cards’, neither of which I’ve actually seen), I’d’ve never watched it. Now that it’s IRL, I’m fascinated. Appalled, but fascinated nonetheless.

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  2. This is a really good cartoon. I like the “twins” talking…then “let’s ask mike…hey mike…” Michael cohen doing the mafia swan dive. Great cartoon timing. (Michael Cohen was a shit and I don’t feel sorry that he is caught and his life is hell. This is his reward and now Stone has his cameo appearance on the “Burning Dumpster Shit show”.) Clay your last three cartoons are really good. boom boom boom

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