MAGA Bomber


After bombs were delivered to two former presidents, a former presidential candidate, a former CIA director, and other officials, the very first thing Republicans did was…make themselves the victims.

Republicans, who have been accusing Democrats of not having anything to run on except hatred for Donald Trump, have been campaigning on fear. Some GOP candidates have accused their opponents of supporting terrorists and even of being terrorists. They’re screaming about a caravan of refugees seeking asylum, who are still about 3,000 miles south of our Border, and describing them as an “invasion.” They say they’re creating jobs while Democrats create mobs.

Donald Trump has spent three years calling the media “fake news,” and over the past year has called them the “enemy of the people.” At a rally this week, he praised a Republican congressman for body slamming a reporter. He’s encouraged his supporters to rough up protesters at his rallies, promising to pay their legal bills (he doesn’t pay his own legal bills). He’s called the press “horrible people” and his political opponents “evil.” He defended Nazis and white supremacists at a rally where they killed a woman. He has yet to hold a rally where a “lock her up” chant didn’t break out, including last night’s rally after the attempted bombings.

Each of the bombing targets, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Democratic philanthropist George Soros, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA director John Brennan, and the offices of CNN, have been harshly criticized by Trump.

Despite all this violent and hateful rhetoric, Trump sycophants are making the argument that a Democrat sent the bombs as a campaign tactic for the midterms. Based on that logic, Sheldon Adelson is financing the caravan and Republicans have been screaming at themselves and interrupting their own dinners.

Since none of the bombs exploded (and there may still be more out there), they argue that the bombs were fake and Democrats and the media are making too big of a deal out of it. These are the same people who freaked out and defended the arrest of a Muslim elementary student for bringing a homemade clock to school.

Even though he issued a statement and spoke at his rally about unity (try not to laugh), Trump has yet to call this incident “terrorism.” Even if the bombs were fake, even if it was just a bomb threat with a phone call, it’s still terrorism. Terrorism is designed to incite fear and panic. Basically, it works like Trump’s mouth.

There were typos on the envelopes. Each bomb’s return address belonged to a district office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which received Eric Holder’s bomb after it was returned. Some bombs had a parody of an ISIS flag meme that’s really popular in places like 4chan. The bombs contained shrapnel and were put together with tape. The bomb delivered to CNN was meant for Brennan, though he’s an analyst at MSNBC. If anyone needs to send me anything, I’m at Breitbart.

It is highly unlikely the sender or senders are Democrats trying to embarrass Trump. The bomb maker was probably wearing a MAGA hat while constructing his devices.

At his rally last night, Trump criticized the media for being negative. But, the most negative coverage the media reports is what’s coming from Trump’s mouth.

Trump and Republicans claim they create jobs while Democrats create mobs. But this week, Some Republican was creating bombs.

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  1. Actually your comic is wrong. It should be of your caricature of trump wearing the red t-shirt and maga cap. Because everyone knows that trump is behind all of this garbage going on across the country. The big giveaway was when DeNiro was sent a bomb.
    The final proof will be when Alec Baldwin gets sent one too.

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  2. It makes as much sense to say the “caravan” is a false flag, and all those refugees in Central America are being paid by… well, not Trump, because he never pays anybody, but somebody in the GOP to make a big headline-grabbing October issue that will get Republicans to the polls.

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