Searching For Anonymous


I honestly thought the identity of “Anonymous,” the White House staffer who wrote an op-ed published by The New York Times Wednesday night, would have been discovered by noon on Thursday, and by 6:00 P.M., there would have been a very public firing. But, I forgot who we’re dealing with here?

Donald Trump finding Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous? Trump can’t even say “anonymous.” 

I made a joke on social media that if they conduct their search among the more literate members of the White House staff, then it’d be a very short search. But in reality, they gotta search through everyone working for Trump who believes he’s an idiot. In case you haven’t noticed the consistent theme coming from each book and reports in news outlets covering the White House, there’s a lot of people working there who believe Donald Trump is a world-class idiot, mentally incompetent, and without any idea or ability to do the job of president. The only people who don’t believe Donald Trump is an idiot are his fellow idiots who still support him. You can spot them at rallies and on Fox News.

While all of D.C. is playing a parlor game of trying to figure out the identity of Anonymous, the White House is turning the place upside down. Over thirty officials have publicly stated “not me,” just as Mark Felt swore during Watergate that he wasn’t Deep Throat.

Senator Rand Paul has suggested that the White House start forcing employees to take polygraph tests, which would probably explode by being in the same building as Donald Trump. Trump, has called the writer a traitor and demanded that the Times report his identity in the interest of national security. He’s even floating the idea of the Justice Department going after the Times for the identity.

The anonymous op-ed hasn’t proved anything we don’t already know. It’s also proving that Trump wants to be a dictator, use the Justice Department to go after his enemies, and turn our nation into a banana republic. Trump’s statements on going after “Anonymous” proves he should be removed from office.

Senator Elizabeth Warren believes the 25th Amendment should be implemented. I agree. Staffers from previous administrations weren’t writing anonymous op-eds claiming the president was an idiot, and they were working to thwart the damage he was seeking to inflict upon the nation. Senior members of other administrations didn’t have to deny they called the president an “idiot,” a “fucking moron,” or “retarded.” No one had to deny calling him “childish” and a “baby.” The reason all this is happening now isn’t because there’s a “deep state.” It’s because Donald Trump is a vile and horrible human being who is the worst president in American history. He needs to be removed.

Trump warns us that if he’s impeached, then the blame lies squarely on those who didn’t vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterms. When it comes to taking that blame, I won’t be anonymous.

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      1. Found him. Normally I would castigate anyone drawing a crowd scene like this for making everyone white and almost all of them male, but since they’re supposed to be GOP Trump staffers, I’m not in the least surprised. I’ve seen group photographs.

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  1. Top Shelf Clay! When a sitting president must tell his followers to vote to prevent his own impeachment – we’ve reached another plateau. (Plateau.. noun. A state of orange not previously identified.)

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    1. “we’ve reached another plateau”

      Unfortunately, “plateau” implies a Higher Level, an Increase In Altitude, associated with Something Better, an Improvement, ie. Heaven.
      A more appropriate metaphor for 45* would be a Deeper Pit, The Abyss, a New Low, associated with Something Worse, a Degradation, ie. Hell.

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