Gay Marriage Legalized In Costa Rica


This cartoon ran August 10, in The Costa Rica Star.

That nation’s Supreme Court ruled Costa Rica’s gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional and discriminatory, and they’ve given the legislative assembly eighteen months to change the law, or it becomes legal automatically.

The president, who was recently elected overwhelmingly with a pro-gay agenda against a staunch anti-gay evangelical, welcomed the ruling, saying he wants to guarantee “no person will face discrimination for their sexual orientation”. The legislative assembly may feel differently.

The legislative chamber has 57 seats, 14 of which are held by evangelical members. Costa Rica is a predominantly Catholic nation. While prostitution is legal, abortion is not.

Last January, the Inter-American Human Rights Court said same-sex marriage should be recognized by all of its signatory members, which includes Costa Rica.

Gay marriage is coming to Costa Rica, even if lawmakers sit on their hands and do nothing about it.

Living pura vida.

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Here’s the video.


  1. But! but! what about all the countries that have legalized gay marriage that have had hetero marriage destroyed and had all the other calamities predicted happen to them?

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    1. I know what you mean! Before gay people could get married in the U.S., heterosexual marriages never ended in divorce, men & women never cheated on their spouses, & rainbows came outta their butts when they farted! 😆

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