Gringo Prices


This cartoon was published July 21, 2018, in The Costa Rica Star.

According to the people I talk to in Costa Rica, there are different prices for “Gringos” than there are for “Ticos.” It doesn’t seem as much of a racial thing (though some may claim it is) as much as it’s a “you’re not from here so it’ll be easy to take advantage of you” thing.

My editor has the opinion that Ticos believe every Gringo has a lot of money. Everyone I talk to who has moved to Costa Rica, or planning it, or dreams about it, talks about how they’ll save money and live cheaper, so Gringos definitely aren’t all wealthy. But, maybe the locals still see the newcomers as walking ATMs. There are a lot of comments at the link above with opinions on the matter.

Here’s the video.

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