I like hockey but I have never been a consistent follower. I’d love to say the Caps are my team since they just won the Stanley Cup, and they are my region’s team, but I don’t want to go all bandwagony on you.

About ten years ago, you couldn’t find a hockey fan in this town. Then, they seemed to appear overnight. There were Caps fans everywhere, and they were loud. You couldn’t go into a bar in this town without a collection of hockey goobers shouting in unison, “C.A.P.S. Caps! Caps! Caps!” All of a sudden it seemed like everyone who had never watched one game of hockey knew everything there was about hockey, or at the very least, really good at coordinated shouting.

I follow the NHL like I follow basketball. I start paying some attention during the playoffs and might increase it during conference finals, and either stick with it or give up during the championship series. I was rooting for the Caps during this run because I’d always like to see them do well.  I was rooting for the Sharks in the West because I really like their logo. I like sharks.

But, it was like the Capitals had a curse on them and couldn’t get out of the first round, even when they were the top seed. Plus, during the finals, they were playing the team in Tampa…and I think Southern hockey teams are unnatural, like ketchup. I think Washington, D.C. should be as far south as the NHL should go. Now, there are teams in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, and Los Angeles and Anaheim. Now, Las Vegas. What’s up with a sport played on ice being in the desert? And then, the Caps face a team from the desert in the championship.

To make matters worse, the Vegas Golden Knights are in their inaugural year (and their logo sucks. You see how I am about logos). Screw that. Those fans haven’t suffered enough yet to have a championship (same reason I hate the Florida Marlins). Hell, they haven’t even followed hockey long enough to know what it is. Forget explaining icing to them. Explain ice. And, half the experts were picking them to beat the Caps. From hockey finals to elections, sometimes the experts suck.

The Caps lost the first game, which I actually watched, then they won the next four to take the championship. I watched about ten minutes of last night’s game before I got distracted by politics. I never did watch any of the other games.

Around 3:00 A.M., I started working on today’s cartoon and then I thought I should do something on the Caps…mostly because I live here and nobody else will. So, I started over and here you go.

I had to Google each of the players, the actual Stanley Cup, the coach, the logo, and the uniforms. I knew there were at least three Russians on the team, but the only one I was familiar with was Alex Ovechkin because he’s been on the team for at least a decade. It seems he joined the team right about the same time everyone started that unison shouting.

Congratulations, Capitals, but mostly to all my friends who have been shouting in my ears over the past decade.

Now, Donald Trump has an opportunity to host Russians in the White House again. I hope he doesn’t give them more government secrets.

Watch me draw.

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  1. Yep. As I said on FB today, I prefer the St. Louis Blues, but since they had a lousy year, congrats to my family who live across the bay in the DC area (I have a LOT of family there) on the Caps win!


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  2. I live in a desert. New Mexico doesn’t have a hockey team. The Albuquerque Isotopes are the only professional sports team I know of in NM. I didn’t know why some tweets simply said, CAPS. The only hockey game I remember was the miricle on ice.

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    1. The last baseball game I attended in person was at the Isotopes’ park – a couple years ago. What a beautiful place to catch a game. I live near Pittsburgh, and the Pirates field is beautiful too – however, it costs a lot less to see the Isotopes (not including plane fare).

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      1. I’ve been to a game in Pittsburgh and it’s a great park. It’s very similar to the National’s. I used to go to minor league games in Jackson, MS, and it’s soooooooo much cheaper.

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  3. I find it odd that I’m told I have to “log in” to “like” a comment, but I can comment without doing so.


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