Trump, The Republican Nominee


Ted Cruz had a bad week. He was chewed out by a ten-year-old, lost a debate with hecklers, was accused of being the Zodiac Killer, his father was accused of killing JFK, he elbowed his wife in the face, his veep selection fell off a stage, and he lost the Republican nomination to an Oompa Loompa reality TV star. It was a really bad week.

Cruz said he needed to face Donald Trump one-on-one, and he’d win. He didn’t. He said Trump wouldn’t be able to secure the delegates needed to win the nomination. He was wrong. He said he’d be the next president of the United States. He was wrong. He said Carly Fiorina would be the next vice president of the United States. He was really wrong.

By next week he’ll be endorsing Trump, if not by Wednesday afternoon. Ted Cruz is just that kind of guy. Watch.

Now the GOP, the establishment, and the Stop Trump Movement are in the freak-out stage before they finally fall into acceptance. They could support John Kasich but that’s more ridiculous that Fiorina being the veep nominee.

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States. Donald Trump. The reality TV guy. The pathological liar. The philanderer. The man who insults minorities, women, and veterans. Donald Trump.

As much as Hillary Clinton may be detested and suspicious, she is going to be our next president. The electoral college doesn’t work out for the Republicans, even if their nominee wasn’t Mr. Bad Combover. You can’t win the presidency when the only majority you win are white guys.

The GOP has to decide to fight for a Trump presidency, or distance themselves so they don’t lose the House and Senate.

Some Republicans are actually jumping to Hillary. Hell froze over with Trump winning the nomination. Republicans supporting Hillary will bring a second layer of ice.

I’m saddened to see Cruz knocked out before the convention. I’m disappointed there won’t be a brokered convention. Yes, I still have Trump taking on Clinton in the general election and that should be fun. Maybe Kasich will enter a pie eating contest. Maybe Trump’s veep pick will be Sarah Palin. Maybe it’ll be Bristol Palin!

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  1. Sorry for your, er, loss… but hey, der Drumpf never fails to entertain. Keep your chin up; the Republican convention shows promise, especially since there seems to be a plethora of Republicans burning their “party cards”, whatever those are. Do we even have those, on our side? If so, I never got mine (never got my copy of the gay “agenda” either).

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