Washington Wrecking Ball


How about that, regular readers of this site. I drew an exclusive cartoon this week and you’re just now hearing about it and getting to see it. I drew this last Thursday night, eh…Friday morning for The Seattle Times Sunday edition.

This is the routine for charter schools in Washington state. The legislature implements charter schools. The teachers unions sue. The court shuts the schools down. The legislature restructures how the schools are funded. Charter schools reopen. The teachers unions sue. The court shuts the schools down. The legislature…well you get the idea.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, and dog food. The starving cartoonist and his Beagle appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Charter schools take money away from the public school budget. That money then goes to the for profit corporations that build, service and maintain the schools. The charter school educational success record is spun to make it look like they are better scholastically than public schools. In reality, our public schools do a better job. Charter schools are just another part of the anti-union anti-government right wing extremist libertarian bunch of capitalist crooks.

    The staggering amount of ALEC authored legal cases in our city, county, state, and national courts are like right wing carpet bombing missions.

    Okay, that’s enough ranting. I love your work.

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