Sudden Black Movements




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    This cartoon made this weekend’s edition of USA Today. I love having my work reprinted in USA Today. I find that they don’t often run cartoons that cause controversy. That’s not a criticism of USA Today. That seems to be the practice at most newspapers in this era where newspapers are struggling to survive.

    This cartoon has caused some. An editor at USA Today forwarded me some angry email from police saying the cartoon was disgusting. I agree that it is disgusting. Racial profiling is also disgusting and this cartoon wouldn’t exist if so many police weren’t in the practice of pulling motorists over for the simple cause of driving while being black.

    Of course not every police officer is practicing this bad habit. But there are enough of them doing so that it’s an epidemic.

    Let’s make a deal. Stop shooting unarmed kids. Stop putting 16 bullets into each of them. Stop breaking their car windows because they didn’t wear a seat belt. Stop shooting them in the street and stop pulling them over because of the color of their skin.


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